Smooth Propagator

Smooth Propagator

Smooth propagator

Propagating plants (making more plants from the ones you have) is one of the best and easiest things about living green. Seeing your new plants develop swirling roots as they propagate in their vessels is incredibly satisfying and a beautiful insight to processes that usually take place below the soil.

Any glass vessel is ideal for propagating, though if your plant needs extra support try a purpose-designed propagating vase, or make a grid with sticky tape across the top of the vessel and align your stems with the holes

A few handy tips on propagating;

  1. Take your cuttings a day or two after watering, so that popping them in water won't come as such a shock to the plant.
  2. Take healthy cuttings from newer growth.
  3. Cut the stem of your plants at an angle, this helps it take in water until it takes root.
  4. Don't allow leaves to sit in water.
  5. Cuttings need partial sun - a windowsill with bright, filtered light is best. Let new roots grow 2-3 inches before transferring your new plant into moist potting soil.

While you should always follow these rules, some species have additional requirements that need to be met to really thrive.

DEVILS IVY (Epipremnum aureum)
One of the easiest plants to grow and one of the easiest to propagate.  When taking your cuttings from a healthy vine, make sure you snip a 3-5 inch length of stem with at least three nodes (small woody protrusions under the leaves). This should leave you with a cutting with about  3-4 leaves. If there are more leaves, carefully prune the ones closest to where the cutting was made - until they take root, cuttings can only support so many leaves.

 Devils Ivy Cutting

If you are looking for more about this I came across a great article by local favourites Greener House .  They are local plant wonders so check them out!

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