Sleep together.

Sleep together.

So, lets sleep together

Sleep.  We all love it.  So how can we make it the best it can be?  There are snoozing apps, and supplements, whale sounds and meditation, but we can also start with the basics.  Making a room that looks so good you want to spend time in it. 

We can help with that. 

Lets start with the Milly Bed.

Looks amazing, feels great to touch. Strong and sturdy.  It’s the whole package.  Milly is a contemporary twist on a classic design adding a splash of luxury to your bedroom.  Plush velvet upholstery, smooth channel tufting and brushed brass legs.  She is a subtle statement – which sounds like an oxymoron.  But take my word for it – we live with her.  Velvet is our secret weapon - family friendly, pet friendly.  Cool in summer, warm in winter.  Winner

Now let’s talk colour.  For optimum snoozing we need to create a calming atmosphere.  Well Milly is here for that too.  The softest of all pinks and the silkiest of greys. It’s easy to match back with beautiful linen. Certain shades can help or hinder a good night's sleep. The colour of balance, relaxation and harmony? Green. Safety, nurture and care? Pink. And for quiet relief from a busy life? Your new best pal is grey.  Softer, cooler shades are conducive to a peaceful slumber. While brighter hues might stop you from dozing off.  I told you Milly was perfect.


What about walls – keep it simple baby.  Cool tones in a complementary hue.  Neutrals and pale shades – it does not have to boring though.  Wallpaper with subtle patterns. Whatever you do, try to live with it for a while – a week should do it.  Paint a swatch, stick up a sample.  See how the light works with the colour at different times of the day.  Just be sure it makes you calm and happy.


Now let’s add some accessories, pillows, throws, bedding.  What’s trending, - velvet! Let's get tonal with our linen choices with fluffy pillow and light throws for summer.  Our place is small so we use an ottoman as a bedside so that we have a little extra seating when we need it – super useful during the festive season.

The perfect accessory - The Milly Ottoman

All it takes is a little confidence – and don’t worry we are here to help.  Ask us a question – order a fabric swatch.  It’s easy and totally doable. 

Some colour combo’s that we love. Blush pink, pale grey and deep forest green. If you're craving more colour, introduce some bright wall art. Choose pieces that include the softer tones in your room, mixed with contrasting colourful shades. Then let the compliments roll in. 


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