About Circlehome

Hi, welcome to Circlehome.

Circlehome was born out of a shared personal philosophy that people matter and that personality should be celebrated not ignored.  When you stop and think about it, circle is the life we all live. We always circle back home for inspiration, to refresh and start again. 
So, lets try something new. That’s what we want you all to do here.  Try something different. pick a colour that you would not normally pick.  Something that excites. Lean into the feeling that you want to tell your friends. Do it. Tell them all. 
Here you’ll find a celebration of colour, and a place to share inspiration.  We want to share our designs with you and equally want you to share with us. Design, fun and personality come first for us.

People power.

We are a small team (for now) with BIG aspirations and an awareness that you are our greatest asset. Surely there are things that you want but you don’t know where or how to get them. Tell us.  Tell us about your home, the way you live and how we can strengthen your creative side to achieve your furniture dreams! 

Trust us. We are not so different after-all.

We are a brand moulded by our own personalities, and we are all circlehome customers first and foremost.  We run our own social media, we answer all the email, and we live with our own products. We involve our customers, kids, friends and family to interact with our designs and test our product in the real world to ensure it will last in your home.

Be bold, Be daring, Be you!