About the Maker

We have a long relationship with our maker.

We work hard to develop lasting relationships with our makers.  We have selected a maker in China because they are the perfect match for us to develop product with as a team.

This Maker employs over 50 people, some of those crafts people have more than 10 years’ experience. The owner is an experienced upholsterer and furniture maker, he embraces interesting designs and works with us to make them possible.  It’s a family run company, a husband and wife team each playing different roles in the business – just like us. 

This maker has been specially selected because:

  • Products are crafted by hand. The fine level of detail that are our products possess has been achieved by a skilled craftsman.
  • The materials are selected from tried and trusted sources.  
  • Most of the parts of the products are made in house – this gives the maker control over the quality of the products
  • Quality checks are a constant process throughout the production. Each finished design is tested and checked before being delivered to the customer.

We know that Australians can be fearful of the quality of products made by offshore factories – and we get it.  But we are doing the work to make sure that our makers have the same standards and values as us.