The velvet low down

The velvet low down

The velvet low down

Out of all the fabrics that we could have chosen we went with velvet.  We have had lots of people ask us why, so we thought it was about time we spelled out why we love it so much.

The feel.  Our velvet feels so good.  It's super soft, your feet will thank you for it (so will your bottom).  There is nothing rough or scratchy about it.

It's lux. One-touch and you’re in heaven. That’s the thing with velvet – it’s so luxurious and elegant you’ll find it hard to prise yourself from it.

It's strong.  Our velvet has a short pile and is hard-wearing.  We have kids.  We know they are rough, they have grubby fingers (so do many adults) and they spill things.  We chose a fabric that we know will last.  Our velvet will make it through day after day looking great. 

It’s so hot right now.  It’s everywhere but in a good way.  Still featuring in London design week recently – so we know the trend is not going anywhere.  Ohh and did we mention the way that it catches the light? Delicious.

It will make a statement.  A velvet ottoman is the ideal piece of small furniture to place in the centre of your living room.  It’s so versatile. Pop it close to your magazine rack for easy-access reading or place a tray on it for decoration.  Feet up, some sort of beverage, terrible tv and you are set to relax.

We have some super simple care instructions if you ever need a refresher course on how to look after your velvet statement pieces.



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